Jorik in front of bookshelves

Writing is my safe space. Words allow me to make beautiful things, express my thoughts and change the world.

I have been writing and performing for fifteen years. I trained as a writer, actor and performer in the Netherlands, performed and taught stand-up comedy for nearly a decade and use my experience as a performer in various ways, such as teaching public speaking skills to autistic and neurodiverse people.


Set in 1930s Holland, through a wide-angle lens to the world from a deliberately autistic perspective, Teeming shows how autistic lives have made an impact on the world at large. Frank and Sara’s minds take centre stage; stimming, echoing, falling in and out of love, radicalising and learning to survive in a world that doesn’t even have a name for who they are.

Teeming was selected for Penguin Random House’s Write Now workshops 2018. For more information, please contact me at


I am currently working on the Autistic League founding documents, including a manifesto setting out the League’s intent, foregrounding the voices of our community, our connections with and within the neurodiverse, queer and POC communities; autistic history, cultural representation and the need for change. If you want me to write for you, please contact me at